Say Goodbye with the best leaving gifts for friends

Looking for leaving gifts for a dear work colleague? Don’t be sad, your friend is leaving, stay in touch with great memorable leaving gifts and be happy for the goodbye will mean more meeting up and catching up. Let’s face it, your going to have a leaving party, then a get together and catch up party and then there is the usual, anniversary’s like birthdays and Christmas, so cheer up and get this party started with a chin chin.

Wine Bottle Holder

For someone special, look past the illusion and create a talking point at the dinner table or party night with the floating wine bottle holder. A metal link chain welded to balance in the air shaped to place a wine bottle in for a contemporary and functional art piece that will delight and remind them of their magical time working with you and oh yes must invite them to my party.

Milk Light

Remember the past and light up the future with this retro milk bottle delivered in a card carton to conjour up memories of the milkman who used to float along and leave bottles on our doorsteps. This milk bottle though is a rechargeable portable table lamp with a translucent glow in the dark ambient light. Includes a USB charge cable.

Star Globe

Bring star quality to the party, and learn about horoscopes that uncover the need to travel, or be a hermit. Assemble the globe with glowing constellations creating patterns in the dark like the night sky, inspiring knowledge of the hemisphere and the old map reading of following the north star. The universe is waiting to be discovered and wish your friend the brightest future with the star globe and hope the stars will guide them on their next venture and lead them to success.

Driveways Barnstaple by Barum Driveways

With property prices at an all-time high and no signs of decline, there’s been no better time to invest in the appearance of your home. Home improvements are one of the most important factors of preserving the price of your property by increasing it’s desirability. There is an endless way of improving your home from a new kitchen, a new bedroom layout and decorating in general however most home owners now are making dramatic changes to the exterior of their property.

Home as a sanctuary to unwind

As property prices have gone up, many new trends have become a staple feature in many homes and many are choosing to invest in the outside of their property so they can relax and unwind at home after a hard day at the office, sped weekend in the sun or cold evenings next to a chimenea. Although HotTubs are one of the most wanted items for the garden, they can be a little extravagant and you don’t have to break the bank to make your home a true sanctuary.

Simple improvements to the exterior can be done on a budget and the first thing is the landscape. Having a well-manicured garden is not just pleasing on the eye, it’s proven to relax, sitting back and looking at lush lawns, perfectly manicured with a beautifully designed and crafted patio, maybe even a BBQ.


First things first, to craft a garden into a truly beautiful flat, rich green lush lawn it’s best to start with new turf. Having your garden turfed is one of the cheapest yet they most dramatic transformation you can make, taking up old un-leveled grass and replacing with beautiful new grass is by far the easiest and quickest way to make your garden a place you want to relax in.


To complement your new lawn and garden, the next step would be to have a living area designed, a patio crafted from a surface such as Indian Stone, Cobbled, Slate, there’s a multitude of surfaces now available to create the desired look and feel you’re trying to achieve.

There are many companies that take care of the entire project, from design, landscape, laying turf, patio surface to the finished example. Take Barum Driveways for example, a well-established company based on Barnstaple North Devon, they take care of everything from design to sourcing the products you need. They also offer a free, no obligation quotation and pride themselves in offering friendly service unrivaled in every respect. You can contact Barum Driveways direct on 01271 603 013.