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Superior mobile car valeting in Barnstaple.

Are you looking for mobile car valeting services? Love your car but would like someone else to take care of it for you? If so and you want something more exclusive than the local car wash, look no further!

Whether you’re looking for a complete vehicle makeover or an express wash through to a more specialist service such as leather restoration or an interior deep clean, I offer services tailored to suit all vehicle types, conditions and budgets.

Welcome to my website, I’m Jason Stanley and for over 25 years I’ve dedicated myself to the art of automotive detailing. I offer a comprehensive range of detailing and mobile car valeting services all of which are tailored to suit you, your vehicle, your vehicle type and condition, affordably.

Mini Valets

Mini Valets from £55

Full Valets from £95

Interior Valets from £25.

Interior Deep Clean

Interior Deep Clean from £70

Leather Restoration

Leather Restoration

Car Detailing

Full Valets from £95

Mobile car valeting price list

  • Express Wash – Hot rinse, citrus pre-wash, snow foam, main wash with soft lambs wool mitts and PH neutral shampoo, hot rinse, air dry and towel dry, tyres dressed – £20.
  • Mini Valet – Express wash + intensive interior vacuum, headlining, door panels, upholstery, carpets cleaned with anti bacterial detergents and interior dressed to factory look. £55.
  • Full Valet – Express Wash + interior shampoo, interior dress to factory look, glass cleaned and polished, body decontamination, clay bar service, bodywork hand polished, tyres dressed, trims satin dress. £95.
  • Platinum Valet – Express Wash + interior deep clean, intensive vacuum, steam clean, interior shampoo, interior dressed, glass cleaned and polished, body decontamination, claybar service, 3 stage machine polish and hand wax. Tyres dressed, trims satin dressed and sealed. £200.
  • Mini Interior Valet £25 – Perfect for those who like to clean their cars but would like the interior freshened up. Thorough vacuum, seats and panels cleaned, headlining cleaned, seat belts,steering wheel, vents and more cleaned and detailed.
  • Interior Deep Clean 70 – Deep cleaning using pre-wash, steam, full interior shampoo with interior dressed to factory look.
  • Leather Upholstery Deep clean £90 – Deep clean involving many stages to gently rejuvenate your leather interior including conditioning and sealant fr long lasting protection.

Mobile car valeting in Devon with difference

What makes my services different from other mobile car valeting companies or local car cleaning and hand car wash companies?

  • Firstly I have over 25 years’ experience in detailing vehicles, show cars, family cars, company cars and cars prepared for sale, your vehicle is in safe hands.
  • My skills range from basic Express Wash for maintaining a vehicles condition through the many seasons and driving conditions, clay bar service, decontamination, machine polishing, paint correction, headlamp restoration, leather interior restoration, interior deep cleaning, show car preparation and more.
  • To truly take car valeting and car detailing to another level I use the finest car care products from the industry’s leading manufactures including Auto Finesse, 3M, AutoGlym, Dodo Juice, Koch Chemie, Swissvax, Meguiars, Gtechniq, Gyeon, Chemical Guys, Sonax, Zymol and more. Each project I undertake is done so in a meticulous manner with one aim, to exceed your expectations.
  • I pride myself in offering a friendly, reliable and efficient service
  • I come to you, your work place or home by appointment
  • Your vehicle will stay cleaner for longer as the protects I use (depending on services) protect your vehicle from all weathers and driving conditions
  • My services are extremely affordable with my Express Wash service starting at just £20

Mobile valeting areas covered

When I’m not detailing at shows or for the trade, I cover a wide area across the South West including Bath, Bristol, Devon including Exeter, Honiton, Plymouth, North Devon including Barnstaple, Bideford, and Cornwall including Bude, Newquay, Truro, Penzance and beyond.

The local car wash vs professional car valeting

So why use professional car valeting services compared to the local hand car wash?

Local car wash

The local car wash may seem like the obvious choice for value however this is not the case. The local car wash uses plastic brushes that spin and ultimately scratch your paintwork to remove dirt. They never can get to all areas of the car so your vehicle is never cleaned properly. For a quick fix, they use so called ‘wax’ or other nomenclature products that only lay on top of contamination and dirt that’s left behind.

Jet Wash

The local Jet Wash is another easy way to damage your cars paintwork by picking up the lance from the floor where it’s collected grit and has also stored grit from the previous vehicle. As you wash in strokes you will inevitably be scratching with each motion. And just like the automatic car wash, the chemicals are harsh with certain resins that will bleach surfaces overtime offering little if any protection.

The local hand car wash

By hand yes, does this mean better care for your car? No.
Local hand car wash companies all use harsh chemicals with one thing in mind, to get your vehicle washed as fast as possible. For them to stay in business they must work on a high turnover of vehicles and to get high volumes of vehicles turned around so fast they reduce time by using strong chemicals and use the same buckets, water and washing materials. Also the people washing your car, many have little experience, take a look at the growing amount of issues with local car wash companies by clicking here.

The result, dirty gritty water from previous vehicles washing your car and although your vehicle may look clean at the time, it’s short lived as many hand car wash companies have a reputation of scratching the paintwork with dirty water. I see this daily where a vehicle has swirl marks, also known as spider webbing on the paint, lack of depth, no shine or gloss. In direct sunlight, your paintwork will look like it’s been washed with a scourer. This is where my detailing services come into play as I can restore your vehicles paintwork and protect it too, look at my detailing services for more details.

Mobile car valeting

Although car valeting many cost more, in the long term it’s far cheaper as your vehicle is an investment and the condition would be preserved thus commanding a higher value when you come to sell. Also mobile car valeting is convenient, all services are carried out to extremely high standards, higher quality products are used, longer lasting finish through all weathers, in short the services are world’s apart.

If you would like more details on the mobile car valeting services I offer please feel welcome to contact me direct on 07720 241325, book online by clicking here, or email me by clicking here.

Mobile Car Valeting services in Bude Cornwall