Mobile car valeting Exeter

Car Valeting Exeter

Welcome to my website, thanks for stopping by. I offer a full car wash service including mobile car valeting in Exeter. I also offer more specialist car cleaning services which include:

Paint correction – enhancing the appearance of a vehicles bodywork
Machine polishing – scratch removal, swirl mark removal (dark cars)
• Sealant and wax application – long term protection
• Interior valeting and detailing including stain guard, leather renovation, leather treatments and more
• Full or part valets available

Car valeting in Exeter with a difference

Mobile car valeting in ExeterIf you’re looking for someone to look after your vehicle, look no further. I have over 25 years’ experience in the automotive detailing industry along with an inventory of the world’s finest car care products. Each and every car valeting service provided is tailored around you and your vehicle to suit both your needs and budget.

Car valeting with convenience

Mobile car valeting in Exeter DevonHaving your vehicle valeted isn’t for everyone as cost of the service or time is an issue, however there are so many benefits that can be over looked. When it comes to time, we fully understand that with a busy life from families or work commitments this can be an issue so with that said, I take pride in making my services truly convenient working around my customers. As for cost, each and every service is priced competitively, when it comes to quality I strive to deliver the absolute best.

No one likes a dirty car and having your vehicle professionally valeted on a regular basis not only protects your investment long term, it’s also a bonus for the passengers. Also with the products and services I offer, vehicles stay cleaner for longer due to the quality of wax, sealants and fabric stain guards, perfect for families.

For more details or to get a quotation, please feel welcome to contact me, Jason direct on 07720241325, or send us a message using the websites contact form by clicking here.


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